School groups and other children groups

Give your students the right experience! At the lowest prices.

Based on the order we offer entry to our attractions at any time.
Reservation: by phone +420 739 664 450. Confirmation on e-mail. We will help you to choose.

We offer several attractions and courses. If you are not sure, what is the best option for your group, we´ll be happy to help you choose. In general, we recommend the "Chimpanzee" course for schools. Read attraction description and check out the price list! .
We recommend groups of 25 people. Larger groups can be devided into two smaller groups. The first one will start in the Adventure Park Opičárna, the second one will be entertained with an introductory program if interested and then the two groups will switch. Accompanying programme is at an additional cost (price to be agreed).
How much time is needed? (group of 25 people): High Rope Maze - 2 - 3 hours. The exact time cannot be determined and depends on the size of the group, the course chosen and other factors.

Upon arrival at the Rope Maze

  • The instructor takes over the organization and check-in of the participants, as well as the professional supervision.
  • This is not the end of the chaperone's supervision and responsibility for their group (especially for following instructions).

You can also buy souvenirs and refreshments (in the form of bottled water or a wafer).

Did you know that we also offer customized trips? We can plan a great program for your entire class or camping trip!


Do we have to make an appointment? How far in advance?

  • Yes, you must. We open extra for groups. Please call well in advance to book. Appointments usually fill up quickly. Please keep in mind that we have to make sure that we have the right number of instructors for you, and sometimes that can't happen overnight. The sooner you call, the better chance we have of accommodating you.

What if the weather wouldn´t be good?

  • The rope maze can be visited at almost any time. The only exceptions are storms, strong winds and heavy rain. If you decide not to come based on the forecast or current conditions, please inform us as soon as possible and we will agree on the next course of action.

 Do all children have to climb obstacles? 

  • We cannot and will not force anyone to climb the obstacles. Children who do not climb, can wait on the ground, but it is necessary that they respect the instructions of the instructors. These children remain in the charge of the escort (e.g. teachers). If they are interested, we can create an additional program for them for an additional fee.

What if children don't make it, get stuck? 

  • We have a clear evacuation plan for these cases. We are therefore able to get the participant safely and quickly to the ground from any part of the park.

Combine your trip in "Opičárna" with activities in the surrounding area.

  • Hike to Lysá hora (1,323 m) - the highest peak of the Moravian-Silesian Beskydy Mountains - 5.7 km.
  • The Smrk -the mountain is located approximately 8.5 km south of Ostravice.
  • The Dam Šance - built between 1964 and 1969 - 10 km.
  • The Lysá hora Nature Trail - has a total of 15 stops on the 16.5 km long route and 2 additional info panels at the top by the weather station.
  •  Samčanka - Javořina - on the Picture Trail, an unusual and unique trail that was created in the 1950s for pleasure.
  • Nature trail Javořina - Němčanka - Samčanka - is connected to the picture trail and together with it forms a circuit about 9 km long.
  • Dřevjanka U Zbuja - original Beskydy farmstead from 1836, located in the locality NA BÍLÉM in the village Malenovice, Silesia. Until 1998 the local land was farmed.
  • The Roaring Falls - in the basin of the Bučací stream, at an altitude of about 800 m, there are the Bučací waterfalls, one of the largest cascading waterfalls.
  • And plenty more..